About RT2MTA

i. Industry Overview

The Maxi Taxi Industry of Trinidad and Tobago was introduced into the public transportation system in 1979 by an Act of Parliament. It is divided into 6 different route areas. In Trinidad, there were 5 route areas while in Tobago there is only 1. For each of these routes the licensing authority assigned a color and an area operation. Today each of these route areas are referred to as “bands”, based on the color of the bands around the vehicles.

The descriptions for each route are displayed in below.

Maxi Taxi route-01

Area 1 Yellow
Route Area 2 Red
Route Area 3 Green
Route Area 4 Black
Route Area 5 Brown
Route Area 6 Blue


ii. Organization Overview

The Route 2 Maxi Taxi Association was formed as the industry’s representative body for Maxi Taxi Owners, Drivers and Conductors of good character operating within the Route 2 area (Red Band). In 1996, Legal Notices 226 & 227 were implemented and the Route 2 Maxi Taxis were relocated to the Port of Spain Transit Centre, otherwise known as ‘City Gate’ and a building referred to as “Progress House” (named after former leader, Mr. Costa Victor Ge