No Maxi Taxi fares increase!

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The following press release was issued by the Association of Maxi Taxi Trinidad and Tobago (AMTTT) on 18/04/2016:

” The AMTTT wishes to advise the population that ALL maxi taxi routes have indicated that there would be no immediate increase in maxi taxi fares at this time.

We will be closely monitoring the response to the recent fuel price increase by those from whom we procure goods and services. Please note that over the past 6 months, diesel prices have been increased by 33%. Any unpatriotic increase in the cost of goods and services we utilize cannot continue to be absorbed by maxi taxi operators.

It is the AMTTT’s view that there are other options to retain and improve the efficiency of our operations without increasing fares. For example:

  1. The enforcement of the law as it regards to the illegal “PH & white van” trade that has become an epidemic in this country.
  2. The provision of proper hubs/transit facilities.
  3. Adequate security for operators and passengers utilizing public transportation.
  4. Review of the legislation governing our operations.
  5. We anxiously await meaningful and result-oriented dialog with the relevant authorities to have these and other issues addressed within the next 2 months.

The AMTTT also humbly requests that the recently completed report and subsequent recommendations received from the IADB, with whom the AMTTT had consultations be published/made available to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley; it is the right of every citizen, especially the ones who voted for you, to have access to an efficient public transport system. The AMTTT strongly believes there are great gains to be had with minor investments from the state. The time to fix this is NOW! “

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