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Linus Phillip re-elected RT2 President!

Mr. Linus Phillip was re-elected President of the Route 2 Maxi Taxi Association for the 2013-16 term.  This will be Mr. Phillip second term at the helm of the red band maxi taxis.

At the Triennial General Meeting held on Saturday 9th November 2013, Mr. Phillip along with Vice President Brenton Knights, Secretary Albert Lee Young, Treasurer Jeffery Walker, and Assistant Treasurer Chandrakumar Bidassie were all duly install to their positions unopposed by the Returning Officer, Ms. Erica Charles.

The other members of the Executive Committee chosen were:

i. Mr. Albert Lau: Assistant Secretary.

ii. Mr. Christopher Serrette: Public Relations Officer.

iii. Mr. Derek Ferreria: Trustee.

iv. Mr. Carl Gaskin: Trustee.

v. Ms. Deloris M. Martin Thomas: Committee Member, and

vi. Mr. Oswald Alleyne: Committee Member.

In addition to the Executive Committee, Mr. Jason Mc Millan and Mr. Jason Gaines were elected to serve on the Disciplinary Committee.

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